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Uranium, Uranium Alloys, and Uranium Compounds

  1. Martin Peehs1,
  2. Thomas Walter2,
  3. Sabine Walter3,
  4. Martin Zemek4

Published Online: 15 APR 2007

DOI: 10.1002/14356007.a27_281.pub2

Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry

Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry

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Peehs, M., Walter, T., Walter, S. and Zemek, M. 2007. Uranium, Uranium Alloys, and Uranium Compounds. Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry. .

Author Information

  1. 1

    Siemens AG, Energieerzeugung (KWU), Erlangen, Germany

  2. 2

    PreussenElektra Aktiengesellschaft, Hannover, Germany

  3. 3

    Universität Hannover, Institut für Werkstoffkunde, Hannover, Germany

  4. 4

    AREVA NP GmbH, Erlangen, Germany

Publication History

  1. Published Online: 15 APR 2007

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The article contains sections titled:

3.Physical Properties
3.3.Mechanical Properties
3.4.Thermal Properties
3.5.Electrical and Electrochemical Properties
3.6.Magnetic Properties
4.Chemical Properties
5.Occurrence, Requirement, and Production Figures
5.2.Resources, Requirement, and Production Figures
6.1.Uses of Uranium and Uranium Compounds
6.2.From Ore to End Product-A Review of Processes
6.2.1.From Crude Ore to Yellow Cake
6.2.2.From Yellow Cake to UF6
6.2.3.From UF6 to the Nuclear Fuel UO2
6.3.Detailed Description of the Processes
6.3.1.Digestion and Leaching of Ores Ores Ores of Phosphate Rock
6.3.2.Treatment of the Liquor Recovery by Ion Exchange Recovery by Solvent Extraction Process
6.3.3.Production of Uranium Ore Concentrate Precipitation to Yellow Cake Production of Phosphate Liquor and Precipitation of AUC
6.3.4.Final Purification of Uranium Concentrate of Yellow Cake Purification
6.3.5.Production of UO3 and UO2 from Purified Uranyl Nitrate Solution of Uranyl Nitrate Solution and Denitration by Thermal Decomposition of Uranium by the ADU and AUC Processes of Precipitated Product to UO2 Powder
6.3.6.Production of UF4 of UO2 and Hydrofluorination of UO3
6.3.7.Production of UF6 from UF4 Description Reactors of Excess Fluorine from UF6
6.3.8.Complete Plant for Production of UF6 from Uranyl Nitrate Process in Pierrelatte Chemical Process
6.3.9.Enrichment of 235U Process Process Enrichment Separation Process Processes
6.3.10.Production of UO2 Pellets from UF6 of UF6 to UO2 Future Developments in the Conversion of UF6 to UO2 Powder of UO2 Powder
6.3.11.Production of Uranium Metal of UF6 to UF4 of UF4 to Uranium Metal of Uranium Powder
7.Uranium Alloys
7.2.Production of Important Alloys
8.Uranium Compounds
8.1.1.Trivalent Halides
8.1.2.Uranium Tetrahalides
8.1.3.Uranium Pentafluoride
8.1.4.Uranium Hexafluoride
8.4.1.Uranium Dioxide
8.4.2.Uranium Trioxide
8.4.3.Triuranium Octaoxide
8.5.Nitrates, Sulfates, and the Carbonato Complex
9.1.Radiation Shielding
9.2.Safety Against Uncontrolled Criticality
9.3.Geometrically Safe Vessels
9.4.Apparatus with Heterogeneous Neutron Absorbers
9.5.Neutron Interactions in the UO2 Fabrication Plant