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Coffee-Based Beverages

  1. Harald Schuchmann

Published Online: 15 JAN 2009

DOI: 10.1002/14356007.m07_m01

Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry

Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry

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Schuchmann, H. 2009. Coffee-Based Beverages. Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry. .

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  1. Stutensee, Germany

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  1. Published Online: 15 JAN 2009


The article contains sections titled:

2.Raw Materials and Intermediate Products
2.1.Green Coffee
2.2.Dairy Creamer and Milk Components
2.3.Nondairy Creamer or Coffee
2.4.Malt and Chicory
3.Technological Aspects of Product Design
3.1.Production of Dairy and Nondairy Powder (Creamer)
3.2.Production of Extract and Aroma from Green Beans and Grains
3.2.1.From Green Bean to Coffee Extract (Roasting, Extraction)
3.2.2.Coffee-Aroma Recovery and Reincorporation Concentration and Volatile-Compound Recovery of Volatile Aromas
3.2.3.Coffee Surrogates Extract
3.3.Texturization and Aroma Incorporation
3.3.4.Other Technologies (Extrusion, Mold Freeze Drying)
4.1.Home Consumption Versus Vending Machines
4.2.Aroma Release
4.3.Instant Properties
4.4.Milk–Coffee Interactions
5.Liquid Extracts and Canned Coffee Beverages
6.Economic Aspects
6.2.Substitution of Arabica Green Beans by Robusta
7.Product Adulteration