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Paints and Coatings, 9. Application

  1. Alfred Brandt1,
  2. Alex Milne2,
  3. Helmut Weyers1

Published Online: 15 APR 2010

DOI: 10.1002/14356007.o18_o08

Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry

Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry

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Brandt, A., Milne, A. and Weyers, H. 2010. Paints and Coatings, 9. Application. Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry. .

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  1. 1

    ICI Lacke Farben GmbH, Hilden, Germany

  2. 2

    Courtaulds Coatings Ltd., Felling, Gateshead NE10 0JY, United Kingdom

Publication History

  1. Published Online: 15 APR 2010

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The article contains sections titled:

2.Coating Systems for Corrosion Protection of Large Steel Constructions (Heavy-Duty Coatings)
3.Automotive Paints
3.1.Car Body Paints
3.2.Other Automotive Coatings
4.Paints Used for Commercial Transport Vehicles
4.1.Railroad Rolling Stock
4.2.Freight Containers
4.3.Road Transport Vehicles
4.4.Aircraft Coatings
5.Marine Coatings
5.1.Substrate, Surface Preparation, and Priming
5.2.Ship Paint Systems
5.3.Fouling and Antifouling
6.Coil Coating
7.Coatings for Domestic Appliances
8.Coatings for Packaging (Can Coatings)
9.Furniture Coatings
10.Coatings for Buildings
10.1.Exterior-Use Coatings
10.2.Interior-Use Coatings