Eosin Molecules Hosted into a Dendrimer Which Carries Thirty-Two Dansyl Units in the Periphery: A Photophysical Study


  • This work has been supported in Italy by MURST (Supramolecular Devices Project), University of Bologna (Funds for Selected Topics), and CNR (Sensori Fluorescenti Supramolecolari).


original image

A fourth generation POPAM dendrimer functionalized at the periphery with 32 dansyl groups (circles in the picture) can host up to six eosin dye molecules (black ovals) in two different sites (triangle, square). Efficient energy transfer processes from the dansyl to eosin molecules occur. The picture shows some characteristic wavelengths and lifetimes of these transitions; excitation, emission, and energy transfer processes are represented by dotted, dashed, and full arrows, respectively.