Therapeutic ultrasound for treating patellofemoral pain syndrome

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Reason for withdrawal from publication

Major errors in the Review have been identified through the Feedback mechanism. The details of the errors raised by the author of the Feedback are summarized as:
1. The conclusions of the review do not match those published by the original authors of the prospective trial, and Brosseau et al., do not provide adequate information (or valid information) why those conclusions should be modified.

2. The reported details and numbers are wrong. 

3. The proper statistics may not have been used, based on Barton et al.’s comments (Evaluation of the scope and quality of systematic reviews on nonpharmacological conservative treatment for patellofemoral pain syndrome. J Orthop Sports Phys Ther. 2008 Sep;38(9):529-41).

The Review will be withdrawn until it can be replaced by a new version.