Immunosuppressant and immunomodulatory treatment for dermatomyositis and polymyositis

  • Protocol
  • Intervention


  • EHS Choy,

    Consultant Senior Lecturer, Corresponding author
    1. GKT School of Medicine, Academic Department of Rheumatology, London, UK
    • EHS Choy, Consultant Senior Lecturer, Academic Department of Rheumatology, GKT School of Medicine, Weston Education Centre, Cutcombe Road, London, SE5 9PJ, UK.

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  • J Winer,

  • B Lecky,

  • J Hoogendijk


This is the protocol for a review and there is no abstract. The objectives are as follows:

To systematically review the evidence from randomised placebo controlled trials for the effectiveness of immunosuppressants and immunomodulatory treatments for dermatomyositis and polymyositis.