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Antidepressant drugs for narcolepsy

  • Protocol
  • Intervention



This is the protocol for a review and there is no abstract. The objectives are as follows:

To determine the effectiveness and the maintenance of effect of antidepressant drugs in the treatment of narcolepsy. The following hypotheses will be tested:

1 Antidepressant drugs are more effective than no treatment or treatment with placebo:
a in abolishing or reducing the occurrence of excessive daytime sleepiness;
b in abolishing or reducing the occurrence of cataplexy;
c in improving the quality of life.

2 One class (non selective monoamine re-uptake inhibitors versus serotonin selective reuptake inhibitors versus monoamine oxidase inhibitors type A versus other antidepressants) or one antidepressant molecule is better than another.

3 The side effects do not exceed the therapeutic effects.

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