Psychosocial treatment for opiate abuse and dependence

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Reason for withdrawal from publication

The review has been withdrawn from publication because it is out of date and the authors are currently not available for updating it

Motif du retrait

Traitement psychosocial pour la consommation abusive et la dépendance aux opiacés

The editorial group responsible for this previously published document have withdrawn it from publication.


Protocol first published: Issue 3, 2003
Review first published: Issue 1, 2005

15 October 2009AmendedContact details updated.
20 October 2008AmendedContact details updated
27 March 2008AmendedConverted to new review format.
9 August 2004New citation required and conclusions have changedSubstantive amendment

Sources of support

Internal sources

  • lnstitute of Psychiatry - London, UK.

  • Department of Epidemiology, ASL RM E, Italy.

External sources

  • No sources of support supplied