Home visits during pregnancy and postpartum for women with an alcohol and/or drug problem

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This is the protocol for a review and there is no abstract. The objectives are as follows:

The primary objective of this review is to determine the effects of home visits during pregnancy and/or the postpartum period for pregnant women with an alcohol or other drug abuse problem. Secondary objectives of this review, if home visits are effective, are to examine the evidence for:
1. timing of intervention: pregnancy (early and late), postpartum, pregnancy and postpartum period;
2. duration of intervention (eg less than 6 months; at least 6 months);
3. intensity or frequency of intervention (eg at least weekly; less than weekly);
4. person/s doing the visit: team or individual social worker, counselor, nurse, or trained lay worker;
5. content of visits: such as pregnancy care, drug and alcohol interventions, counseling, parent craft, life skills etc; non- judgemental and supportive versus directive;
6. effect of modifying factors: such as alcohol and/or type of drug use, co-existence of domestic violence or mental illness, partner with drug or alcohol problem, separation of infant from mother.