Oxygen therapy for dyspnoea in adults

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Amy Abernethy, Duke University Medical Center, Durham, North Carolina, DUMC Box 3841, USA. abern003@mc.duke.edu.

Reason for withdrawal from publication

This review is out of date, and the original author team were not available to update this review, hence the review has been withdrawn.

Motif du retrait

Oxygénothérapie contre la dyspnée chez les adultes

The editorial group responsible for this previously published document have withdrawn it from publication.

What's new

20 November 2013AmendedThis review has been withdrawn. See Published notes.


Protocol first published: Issue 2, 2004
Review first published: Issue 3, 2008

10 November 2008AmendedFurther changes as a result of RevMan 5 conversion.
12 May 2008AmendedConverted to new review format.