Supplemental perioperative steroids for surgical patients with adrenal insufficiency

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Reason for withdrawal from publication

October 17 2013: Following comments received via direct correspondence which have challenged the eligibility criteria and interpretation of the evidence summarized in this review, the CARG editorial team has decided to temporarily withdraw the review from the CDSR whilst the comments are considered further and addressed.

The editorial group responsible for this previously published document have withdrawn it from publication.

What's new

17 October 2013AmendedThe CRG temporarily withdrew this Review as of Issue 10, 2013. The Review will be reinstated following changes to title and text to better reflect the patient population (see Published notes)


Protocol first published: Issue 3, 2005
Review first published: Issue 4, 2009

23 October 2012New citation required but conclusions have not changed

This is an update of the previous Cochrane systematic review (Yong 2009) that included two RCTs. In this updated review we did not find any new studies meeting the inclusion criteria. The content has been updated. Two of the previous authors (P Marik and M Esposito of Yong 2009) have decided not to update the review. A new author (A Wrzosek) has helped update this version.

There are no changes to the conclusion.

23 October 2012New search has been performed

In the previous version of the review (Yong 2009) the databases were searched until January 2009. In this updated version, we reran the searches until 10 February 2012. We have included risk of bias tables. We did not create a summary of findings table due to the small number of included studies.

We did not perform a meta-analysis due to the small changes in the outcome measures.

Sources of support

Internal sources

  • The University of Manchester, UK.

  • The Sahlgrenska Academy at Goteborg University, Sweden.

External sources

  • Swedish Medical Reseach Council (9495), Sweden.

  • Hjalmar Svensson Research Fund, Sweden.