Inspiratory muscle training for cystic fibrosis

  • Protocol
  • Intervention


  • BW Houston,

  • CP van der Schans

Mr Brian Houston, Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy, School of Health & Social Care, University of Teeside, Victoria Road, Middlesbrough, Cleveland, TS1 3BA, UK.


This is the protocol for a review and there is no abstract. The objectives are as follows:

(1) To determine the effects of IMT in the management of people with CF. Specifically, we plan to examine the effects of IMT in people with CF on:
(a) health-related quality of life;
(b) pulmonary function;
(c) exercise tolerance;

(2)To report any adverse effects of IMT in people with CF.

(3) To compare the effects of IMT performed using resistive devices, threshold-loading devices and isocapnic hyperpnoea (seeTable 01) on the above outcomes and adherence.