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Pharmacotherapy for the prevention of chronic pain after surgery in adults

  1. Luis Enrique Chaparro1,
  2. Shane A Smith2,
  3. R Andrew Moore3,
  4. Philip J Wiffen3,
  5. Ian Gilron4,*

Editorial Group: Cochrane Pain, Palliative and Supportive Care Group

Published Online: 24 JUL 2013

Assessed as up-to-date: 17 JUL 2013

DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD008307.pub2

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Chaparro LE, Smith SA, Moore RA, Wiffen PJ, Gilron I. Pharmacotherapy for the prevention of chronic pain after surgery in adults. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2013, Issue 7. Art. No.: CD008307. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD008307.pub2.

Author Information

  1. 1

    Hospital Pablo Tobon Uribe, Anesthesiology Department, Medellin, Colombia

  2. 2

    Queen's University, Department of Anesthesiology & Perioperative Medicine, Kingston, ON, Canada

  3. 3

    University of Oxford, Pain Research and Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences (Nuffield Division of Anaesthetics), Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK

  4. 4

    Queen's University, Departments of Anesthesiology & Perioperative Medicine & Biomedical & Molecular Sciences, Kingston, ON, Canada

*Ian Gilron, Departments of Anesthesiology & Perioperative Medicine & Biomedical & Molecular Sciences, Queen's University, 76 Stuart Street, Victory 2 Pavillion, Kingston, ON, K7L 2V7, Canada.

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  1. Publication Status: Stable (no update expected for reasons given in 'What's new')
  2. Published Online: 24 JUL 2013



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  1. References to studies included in this review
  2. References to studies excluded from this review
  3. References to studies awaiting assessment
  4. References to ongoing studies
  5. Additional references
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References to studies excluded from this review

  1. References to studies included in this review
  2. References to studies excluded from this review
  3. References to studies awaiting assessment
  4. References to ongoing studies
  5. Additional references
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