Intervention Review

Electric fans for reducing adverse health impacts in heatwaves

  1. Saurabh Gupta1,
  2. Catriona Carmichael2,
  3. Christina Simpson3,
  4. Mike J Clarke4,*,
  5. Claire Allen5,
  6. Yang Gao6,
  7. Emily Y Y Chan7,
  8. Virginia Murray2

Editorial Group: Cochrane Gynaecological Cancer Group

Published Online: 11 JUL 2012

Assessed as up-to-date: 11 JUN 2012

DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD009888.pub2

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Gupta S, Carmichael C, Simpson C, Clarke MJ, Allen C, Gao Y, Chan EYY, Murray V. Electric fans for reducing adverse health impacts in heatwaves. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2012, Issue 7. Art. No.: CD009888. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD009888.pub2.

Author Information

  1. 1

    NHS Ayrshire and Arran, Ayr, UK

  2. 2

    Centre for Radiation, Chemicals and Environmental Hazards, Extreme Events and Health Protection Section, London, UK

  3. 3

    Health Canada, Climate Change and Health Office, Ottawa, ON, Canada

  4. 4

    Queen's University Belfast, Centre for Public Health, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK

  5. 5

    Evidence Aid, Bampton, UK

  6. 6

    Hong Kong Baptist University, Department of Physical Education, Kowloon, Hong Kong

  7. 7

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong, CERT-CUHK-Oxford University Centre for Disaster and Medical Humanitarian Response, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong

*Mike J Clarke, Centre for Public Health, Queen's University Belfast, Institute of Clinical Sciences, Block B, Royal Victoria Hospital, Grosvenor Road, Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT12 6BJ, UK.

Publication History

  1. Publication Status: Edited (no change to conclusions)
  2. Published Online: 11 JUL 2012


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