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Atropine therapy versus no atropine therapy for the prevention of adverse events in paediatric patients undergoing intubation

  1. Ashlea R Wilmott1,*,
  2. Graham C Thompson2,
  3. Eddy Lang1,
  4. Susan Powelson3,
  5. Abel Wakai4,
  6. Ben Vandermeer5,
  7. Ronan O'Sullivan6,7

Editorial Group: Cochrane Anaesthesia Group

Published Online: 5 JAN 2014

DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD010898

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Wilmott AR, Thompson GC, Lang E, Powelson S, Wakai A, Vandermeer B, O'Sullivan R. Atropine therapy versus no atropine therapy for the prevention of adverse events in paediatric patients undergoing intubation (Protocol). Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 2014, Issue 1. Art. No.: CD010898. DOI: 10.1002/14651858.CD010898.

Author Information

  1. 1

    University of Calgary, Department of Emergency Medicine, Calgary, Canada

  2. 2

    Alberta Children's Hospital, University of Calgary, Department of Paediatrics, Calgary, Canada

  3. 3

    University of Calgary, Health Sciences Libraries and Cultural Resources, Calgary, Canada

  4. 4

    Division of Population Health Sciences (PHS), Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Emergency Care Research Unit (ECRU), Dublin 2, Ireland

  5. 5

    University of Alberta, Department of Pediatrics, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

  6. 6

    Our Lady's Children's Hospital Crumlin, National Children's Research Centre, Dublin, Ireland

  7. 7

    Cork University Hospital, Cork, Ireland

*Ashlea R Wilmott, Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Calgary, Room C231, 1403-29 Street NW, Calgary, T2N 2T9, Canada.

Publication History

  1. Publication Status: New
  2. Published Online: 5 JAN 2014



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