Tests for detecting strabismus in children age 1 to 6 years in the community

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This is the protocol for a review and there is no abstract. The objectives are as follows:

To assess and compare the accuracy of tests, alone or in combination, for screening for strabismus in children aged one to six years, in a community setting by lay screeners or primary care professionals.

Other objectives will be to investigate sources of heterogeneity of diagnostic accuracy, including:

  • age;

  • setting;

  • type of professionals performing the test;

  • study design;

  • study size (< 100 vs. ≥ 100 participants, which may reflect the adoption of different sampling strategies);

  • variation in the way a test is carried out;

  • type of strabismus (convergent vs. divergent, horizontal/vertical);

  • severity of strabismus (amount of misalignment, constant/intermittent/latent);