Supplement_fs01.pdfPDF document260KCross sections of oxygen, nitrate, nitrite, nitrate deficit, and δ15NNO3 + NO2 and δ18ONO3 + NO2 along the cruise track of Meteor 74/1. The horizontal distance is given in kilometers from station 944. Units are in figures. Oxygen and nutrient concentrations are in micromoles, and Δ values are in per mil.
Supplement_fs02.tifTIFF image6372KRegressions obtained from the Rayleigh and, respectively, the steady state (open system) model. The values from the oxygen-deficient zone (ODZ) of the Arabian Sea are in an f range in which both models produce very similar results.
Supplement_ts01.txtplain text document0KSampling Locations
Supplement_ts02.txtplain text document0KIsotopic Effect Calculated for Denitrification Using the Steady State (Open System) Model
Supplement_text01.txtplain text document1KDescription of the steady state (open system) model of nitrogen isotope fractionation during denitrification.
GBC 20098 REVISED supp text02.txt - Editor.pdfplain text document12KDetailed description of the box model: processes, equations, and factors used.
2011GB004115Rreadme.txtplain text document2KSupporting Information

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