Volcanic and Igneous Plumbing Systems: State-of-the-Art and Future Developments

International MeMoVolc Networking Programme Workshop on Magma Emplacement and Volcanotectonics; Oslo, Norway, 4–6 February 2013



The dynamics of volcanic and igneous plumbing systems (VIPS) are governed by complex interacting chemical and mechanical processes, which control how magmas stall or propagate through the Earth's crust, the way they are emplaced, and the dynamics of their eruption. In addition, these processes control dramatic volcanotectonic phenomena such as caldera and sector collapse. Traditionally, the study of the dynamics of VIPS is method based, and relatively limited bridges between the distinct methodological approaches exist. Consequently, studies that employ different methods often lead to contradictory conclusions, illustrating a need for integrated multidisciplinary research approaches.