The Current Trajectory of Seismic Oceanography

Mini-Workshop on Seismic Oceanography; Montreal, Canada, 5 June 2013



Seismic oceanography (SO) uses multichannel seismic techniques to visualize the ocean's fine structure, yielding a tool for investigating ocean mixing processes and their links with mesoscale features such as eddies, fronts, and currents. Ten years after the seminal paper initiating the SO field (W. S. Holbrook, P. Páramo, S. Pearse, and R. W. Schmitt, Thermohaline fine structure in an oceanographic front from seismic reflection profiling, Science, 301, 821–824, 2003), a special session and mini-workshop were convened at the International Congress on Acoustics in Montreal on 2–7 June 2013. At the workshop, participants discussed the successes of SO, the challenges it faces as an observational tool, and ways to move the field forward.