2013GB004654Auxiliary Materialfs01.pdfPDF document311KEcoregions (left) and biomes (right). Note: We adjusted biome boundaries (available at to provincial boundaries.
2013GB004654Auxiliary Materialfs02.pdfPDF document204KCorrelation of reported and predicted grain yields for A) Mixed forest and forest steppe, B) Scandinavian and Russian Taiga, and C) Pontic steppe.
2013GB004654Auxiliary Materialfs03.pdfPDF document400KSoil quality (left) and cropland suitability (right). Note: The continuous soil quality index (left) is classified into quartiles. The map shows high soil quality in the Chernozem belt in European Russia and Ukraine. The cropland suitability index (right) was estimated for each of the three biomes (shown in Figure S1). The dashed white line indicates the adjusted biome boundaries.
2013GB004654_Auxiliary Materialfs04.pdfPDF document221KLocations of the high-resolution QuickBird and IKONOS images from Google Earth and validation pixels.
2013GB004654_Auxiliary Material_tables_revised.docxWord 2007 document28Ksupporting information
Supporting_information.docxWord 2007 document18Ksupporting information
2013GB004654Auxiliary_material_readme_revised.txtplain text document2Ksupporting information

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