2013GL058458_readme.docWord document28KSupporting information
CariacoSST_supp.docWord document60KTwo Sections: “Age Model”, “Globigerinoides ruber (pink) SST calibration”, along with additional references and captions for supplementary figures.
Figure S1.pdfPDF document590KPink G. ruber fluxes from a Cariaco sediment trap (after Tedesco and Thunell, 2003) for the years 1997-1999. Blue bars represent the winter/spring upwelling season, pink bars represent the summer/fall non-upwelling season.
Figure S2.pdfPDF document638KRaw pink G. ruber Mg/Ca ratios (red line) compared to instrumental SON SSTs for the Cariaco Basin (dashed black line).
Figure S3.pdfPDF document562KTime series of instrumental SON SSTs (dashed black line) compared to Mg/Ca-estimated SSTs using a published equation (McConnell and Thunell, 2005) for G. ruber (red line).
Figure S4.pdfPDF document531KComparison of instrumental SON SSTs (dashed black line) for the Cariaco Basin with proxy SSTs based on scaling of the G. ruber Mg/Ca with G. ruber (pink and white) population data (red line).

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