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FIG_A.pdfPDF document116KFigure a shows the depth-age profile of core MD92-1008 which has been derived from AMS 14C (triangles) combined with orbital tuning. The slope of the curves indicates little variations in the deposition rate, most abrupt changes being caused by the distribution of the tie-points.
FIG_B.pdfPDF document113KFigure B depicts the down-core evolution of the dry bulk density that has been used to convert the magnetic susceptibility as mass-susceptibility.
FIG_C.pdfPDF document796KFigure C shows examples of af demagnetization diagrams from core MD92-1008. Solid and open circles represent vector end-points projected onto the horizontal and the vertical planes, respectively and thus correspond to the declination and the projection of inclination. Plots b) and c) refer to the down-core succession of the paleomagnetic directions (declination and inclination) that were determined after demagnetization. Plots d) and e) show the down-core profile of the characteristic remanent magnetization obtained after demagnetization at 20 mT and the evolution of the anhysteretic remanence at the same level of demagnetization (20 mT) which indicates the changes in concentration of fine grains of magnetite.

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