ReadMe for Auxiliary Materials Singleton et al. 2014.docxWord 2007 document18KReadme
Aux Fig. 1 photos_BouseHillsAbomb_canyon.jpgJPEG image2418KFigure S1
Aux Table 1 He aliquots.xlsxapplication/unknown31KTable S1
Aux Table 2 ArAr step heating.xlsxapplication/unknown22KTable S2
Aux Table 3A UPb zirc data BH4.xlsapplication/unknown519KTable S3a
Aux Table 3B BM2hw UPb zirc data.xlsapplication/unknown773KTable S3b
Aux Table 3C UPb zirc data BH1.xlsapplication/unknown752KTable S3c
Aux Table 3D UPb zirc data BH2.xlsapplication/unknown745KTable S3d
Aux Table 3E UPb zirc data BH3.xlsapplication/unknown473KTable S3e
Aux Table 3F UPb zirc data ABC3hw.xlsapplication/unknown742KTable S3f

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