Strategies to Observe and Understand Processes and Drivers in the Biogeosphere

AGU Chapman Conference on Soil-Mediated Drivers of Coupled Biogeochemical and Hydrological Processes Across Scales; Tucson, Arizona, 21–24 October 2013



Chapman conferences are intended for deeper discussions of specific topical areas of scientific interest. This Chapman conference was organized to review and discuss new strategies to observe and understand processes and drivers in the biogeosphere, particularly those related to coupled biogeochemical and hydrological processes in terrestrial systems. The topics presented at the meeting included transport and exchange processes of organic and gaseous compounds across the soil-water and soil-plant interfaces, monitoring strategies of soil-mediated processes and drivers from the local to the catchment scale, and the impact of soil formation and functions on ecosystem services. These topics were addressed and intensively discussed by participants covering the fields of soil systems sciences, hydrology, and biogeosciences.