Far-field DOA estimation and near-field localization for multipath signals


Correspondence to: A. M. Elbir,


In direction finding and localization applications, multipath signals are important sources of error for parameter estimation. When the antenna array receives multipath reflections which are coherent with the far-field line-of-sight signal, estimating the far- and near-field components becomes an important problem. In this paper, a new method is proposed to estimate the direction-of-arrival (DOA) of the far-field source and to localize its near-field multipaths. Far-field source DOA is estimated using calibration of the antenna array. A near-to-far transformation is proposed for the estimation of the near-field source DOA angles. In order to estimate the near-field range parameters, a compressive sensing approach is presented where a dictionary with near-field sources with different ranges is employed. As a result, the proposed method estimates the far-field and near-field source DOAs as well as the range and the signal amplitudes of the near-field sources. This method is evaluated using close-to-real world data generated by a numerical electromagnetic tool, where the array and transmitter are placed in an irregular terrain and array data are generated using full 3-D propagation model. It is shown that unknown source parameters can be estimated effectively showing the potential of the proposed approach in applications involving high-frequency direction finding and indoor localization.