Microbes and infections ignore frontiers, but clinical microbiology does not: a recent survey by Didier Raoult, the Editor-in-Chief of Clinical Microbiology and Infection, the European Society for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases journal, showed that papers from emerging countries were still under-represented among infectious diseases and clinical microbiology journals [2]. This is a shame not only for the scientists from these countries but also for the scientists engaged in infectious diseases and clinical microbiology at large, and for health authorities and populations. Indeed, microbes and infections have always used the most advanced travel vehicles provided by humans to jump over frontiers and reach target populations. The frightening pandemic of the Beijing family of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, one of the major modern pathogens, illustrates this as it has invaded the whole world within only 20 years [2]. Therefore, it is of prime importance to communicate as soon as possible any new event in clinical microbiology and infectious diseases because the outcome of microbes and infections is unpredictable.

In order to contribute to a quick diffusion of new events in clinical microbiology and to facilitate the diffusion of data by scientists worldwide, including emerging countries, the European Society for Microbiology and Infectious Diseases is now launching New Microbes and New Infections, of which I am proud to be the Editor-in-Chief. One key characteristic of this online-only new journal is to break language barriers, being a multi-language journal so that authors will be able to submit manuscripts not only in English, but also in their native language, reporting new facts including first clinical case, new microbes, new resistance to antimicrobial agents, new genomes and new technologies for diagnosis. Papers will be handled by a same-language member of the Editorial board comprising Fernando Baquero (Spanish speaking), François Denis (French speaking), Xavier de Lamballerie (French speaking), Amel Letaief (Arabic speaking) Wanderley de Souza (Portuguese speaking), Oleg Mediannikov (Russian speaking) and Ruifu Yang (Chinese speaking); with the objective of a 1-month review. The journal offers a payment model affordable for any research group worldwide.

New Microbes and New Infections is a great opportunity for scientists and doctors to rapidly share with the community new findings that they have observed. So, let's publish!


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