Chapter 7. Modes at non-planar interfaces

  1. Bo E. Sernelius Professor

Published Online: 28 JAN 2005

DOI: 10.1002/3527603166.ch7

Surface Modes in Physics

Surface Modes in Physics

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  1. Published Online: 28 JAN 2005
  2. Published Print: 29 MAY 2001

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Print ISBN: 9783527403134

Online ISBN: 9783527603169



  • surface modes;
  • modes at non-planar interfaces;
  • surface of a sphere;
  • surface of a cylinder;
  • modes at an edge;
  • modes in a needle


  • Modes at the surface of a sphere

    • Metal sphere in vacuum

    • Dielectric sphere in vacuum

    • Spherical void in a metal

    • Spherical void in a dielectric

    • Modes in a layered sphere

      • Metallic spherical shell in vacuum

    • When liquids stay dry

  • Modes at the surface of a cylinder

    • Metal cylinder in vacuum

    • Cylindrical void in a metal

  • Modes at an edge

    • Metallic wedge in vacuum

    • Wedge void in a metal

  • Modes in a needle (a paraboloid of revolution)