Improvement of Properties of Y- and Nd-base Melt Textured High Temperature Superconductors by High Pressure - High Temperature Treatment

  1. Dr. K. Grassie6,
  2. Prof. Dr. E. Teuckhoff7,
  3. Prof. Dr. G. Wegner8,
  4. Prof. Dr. J. Hausselt9 and
  5. Prof. Dr. H. Hanselka10
  1. Tatiana Prikhna1,
  2. Wolfgang Gawalek2,
  3. Viktor Moshchil1,
  4. Sergey Dub1,
  5. Tobias Habisreuther2,
  6. Vladimir Melnikov3,
  7. Felip Sandiumenge2,
  8. Valery Kovylayev4,
  9. Alexey Surzhenko2,
  10. Peter Nagorny1,
  11. Peter Shaetzle5 and
  12. Alexandr Borimsky1

Published Online: 27 APR 2006

DOI: 10.1002/3527607420.ch26

Functional Materials, Volume 13

Functional Materials, Volume 13

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Prikhna, T., Gawalek, W., Moshchil, V., Dub, S., Habisreuther, T., Melnikov, V., Sandiumenge, F., Kovylayev, V., Surzhenko, A., Nagorny, P., Shaetzle, P. and Borimsky, A. (2000) Improvement of Properties of Y- and Nd-base Melt Textured High Temperature Superconductors by High Pressure - High Temperature Treatment, in Functional Materials, Volume 13 (eds K. Grassie, E. Teuckhoff, G. Wegner, J. Hausselt and H. Hanselka), Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim, FRG. doi: 10.1002/3527607420.ch26

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  1. 1

    Institute for Superhard Materials., Kiev, Ukraine

  2. 2

    Institut für Physikalische Hochtechnologie, Jena, Germany

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    Institute of Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Ore-Formation., Kiev, Ukraine

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    Institute of Materials Science Problems, Kiev, Ukraine

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Publication History

  1. Published Online: 27 APR 2006
  2. Published Print: 27 JUN 2000

Book Series:

  1. EUROMAT 99

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Print ISBN: 9783527302543

Online ISBN: 9783527607426



  • functional materials;
  • Y- and Nd-base melt-textured high-temperature superconductors;
  • improvement of properties;
  • high pressure-high temperature (HP-HT) conditions


Comparison studies of the effect of high pressure-high temperature (HP-HT) conditions (2-5 GPa, 800-1100 °C for 10-30 min), created in high-pressure apparatuses (HPA) of different types (recessed-anvil and cube) on Y- and Nd-base melt-textured high-temperature superconductors (or MT-MeBCO, where Me = Y, Nd) shows the advantages of using the cubetype apparatuses in order to reduce or avoid sample cracking, to improve their microhardness and fracture toughness as well as to attain almost theoretically-possible density and some increase in critical current density.