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RNA Structure: Tetraloops

  1. Chaejoon Cheong,
  2. Hae-Kap Cheong

Published Online: 15 FEB 2010

DOI: 10.1002/9780470015902.a0003135.pub2



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Cheong, C. and Cheong, H.-K. 2010. RNA Structure: Tetraloops. eLS. .

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  1. Korea Basic Science Institute, Korea

Publication History

  1. Published Online: 15 FEB 2010

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Table 1. Structural characteristics of tetraloops
Tetraloop sequencesMethodsSugar conformationaGlycosidic anglebBackbone turnReferences
  1. a

    3 means C3′-endo and 2 means C2′-endo sugar conformation and 2/3 means dynamic sugar conformation between C2′-endo and C3′-endo.

  2. b

    a means anti and s means syn glycosidic angle.

  3. c

    The pentaloop assumes a GNRA-like structure where the nucleotide in parenthesis is extruded out.

UUCGNMR, Raman3-2-2-3a-a-a-s1-2Allain and Varani 1995
GCAANMR, X-ray,3-2/3-2/3-3a-a-a-a1-2Jucker et al. 1996
GAGANMR3-3-2/3-3a-a-a-a1-2Orita et al. 1993
 NMR3-2/3-2/3-2/3  Szewczak and Moore 1995
 X-ray3-3-3-3  Correll et al. 1998
GA(C) cAANMR3-2-(2)-3-3a-a-(a)-a-a Cai et al. 1998
GAA(G)ANMR3-3-3-(3)-3a-a-a-(s)-a Legault et al. 1998
CUUGNMR2-2-2-2/3a-a-a-a Jucker and Pardi 1995
GGAGNMR2/3-2-2/3-2a-s-a-a Pappalardo et al. 1998
m2G-G-inline imageA-inline imageANMR3-2-2-2a-s-a-a1-2Rife and Moore 1998
UGAANMR2/3-2/3-2/3-2/3a-s-a-a2-3Butcher et al. 1997a
CAACNMR3-2/3-2/3-2/3a-a-a-a1-2Mirmira and Tinoco 1996