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X-chromosome Inactivation

  1. Timothy A Hore1,
  2. Matthew J Wakefield2,
  3. Jennifer AM Graves1

Published Online: 30 APR 2008

DOI: 10.1002/9780470015902.a0005795.pub2



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Hore, T. A., Wakefield, M. J. and Graves, J. A. 2008. X-chromosome Inactivation. eLS. .

Author Information

  1. 1

    Australian National University, Canberra, Australia

  2. 2

    Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, Melbourne, Australia

Publication History

  1. Published Online: 30 APR 2008


X-chromosome inactivation is an epigenetic process that silences the majority of genes on one of the two X-chromosomes in female mammals. This silencing effectively equalizes dosage of X-linked genes in females with that of males, who only possess one X-chromosome and a sex-determining Y-chromosome.


  • dosage compensation;
  • epigenetics;
  • chromatin modification;
  • deoxyribonucleic acid methylation;
  • sex chromosomes;
  • transcriptional regulation