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Geomatics Engineering

Physical Processes

  1. Spiros D. Pagiatakis

Published Online: 15 JAN 2013

DOI: 10.1002/9780470057339.vnn121

Encyclopedia of Environmetrics

Encyclopedia of Environmetrics

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Pagiatakis, S. D. 2013. Geomatics Engineering. Encyclopedia of Environmetrics. 3.

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  1. York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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  1. Published Online: 15 JAN 2013


Geomatics engineering is the modern term used to describe the group of related disciplines that collect, analyze, manage, and display a wide variety of geographic information, including digital imagery and satellite-based position coordinates. Geomatics engineers use their knowledge of science, measurement technology, and engineering to solve complex real-world problems. The key element in all geomatics applications is the common frame or grid to which all diverse data are referenced. Geomatics engineering applications touch every aspect of our daily lives but most importantly contribute significantly to the socioeconomic development, sovereignty, health and safety, and the environment of every country that has adopted a modern geospatial database.


  • geodesy;
  • geomatics;
  • spatial referencing;
  • GIS;
  • geo-location;
  • geospatial data referencing