1. Classification of Heat Exchangers

  1. Ramesh K. Shah1,2 and
  2. Dušan P. Sekulić3

Published Online: 6 NOV 2007

DOI: 10.1002/9780470172605.ch1

Fundamentals of Heat Exchanger Design

Fundamentals of Heat Exchanger Design

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Shah, R. K. and Sekulić, D. P. (2003) Classification of Heat Exchangers, in Fundamentals of Heat Exchanger Design, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, NJ, USA. doi: 10.1002/9780470172605.ch1

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  1. 1

    Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York, USA

  2. 2

    Formerly at Delphi Harrison Thermal Systems, Lockport, New York, USA

  3. 3

    University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky, USA

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  1. Published Online: 6 NOV 2007
  2. Published Print: 25 JUL 2003

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Print ISBN: 9780471321712

Online ISBN: 9780470172605


  • heat exchanger in transfer thermal energy (enthalpy);
  • heat exchangers - indirect and direct contact types;
  • fluidized-bed heat exchanger;
  • compact heat exchanger fouling;
  • flow arrangements and heat exchangers


This chapter contains sections titled:

  • Introduction

  • Classification According to Transfer Processes

  • Classification According to Number of Fluids

  • Classification According to Surface Compactness

  • Classification According to Construction Features

  • Classification According to Flow Arrangements

  • Classification According to Heat Transfer Mechanisms

  • Summary

  • References

  • Review Questions