Chapter 6. Feature Selection for Ensemble Learning and Its Application

  1. Yan-Qing Zhang3 and
  2. Jagath C. Rajapakse4
  1. Guo-Zheng Li1 and
  2. Jack Y. Yang2

Published Online: 21 APR 2008

DOI: 10.1002/9780470397428.ch6

Machine Learning in Bioinformatics

Machine Learning in Bioinformatics

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Li, G.-Z. and Yang, J. Y. (2008) Feature Selection for Ensemble Learning and Its Application, in Machine Learning in Bioinformatics (eds Y.-Q. Zhang and J. C. Rajapakse), John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, NJ, USA. doi: 10.1002/9780470397428.ch6

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    Georgia State University, Atlanta, Georgia

  2. 4

    School of Computer Engineering, and The Bioinformatics Research Center, Nanyang Technological University, Nanyang, Singapore

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    Shanghai University, Shanghai, China

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    Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

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  1. Published Online: 21 APR 2008
  2. Published Print: 12 NOV 2008

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  1. Bioinformatics: Computational Techniques and Engineering

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  1. Professor Yi Pan and
  2. Professor Albert Y. Zomaya

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Print ISBN: 9780470116623

Online ISBN: 9780470397428



  • feature selection for ensemble learning and its application;
  • ensemble learning such as bagging and boosting - for single learning machines;
  • multitask learning


This chapter contains sections titled:

  • Introduction

  • Feature Selection for Individuals of Bagging

  • Selective Ensemble Learning

  • Multitask Learning

  • The Brain Glioma Case

  • Summary

  • Acknowledgments

  • References