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Advertising Psychology

  1. Bruce E. Pfeiffer1,
  2. Frank R. Kardes2

Published Online: 30 JAN 2010

DOI: 10.1002/9780470479216.corpsy0022

Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology

Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology

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Pfeiffer, B. E. and Kardes, F. R. 2010. Advertising Psychology. Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology. 1–3.

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    University of New Hampshire

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    University of Cincinnati

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  1. Published Online: 30 JAN 2010


Consumer psychologists utilize psychological concepts to understand, influence, and predict consumer behavior. Of these concepts, the study of attitude formation and change are of particular interest. Marketers use a wide variety of advertisements to attempt to persuade consumers to buy their products and services. These “ads” can be classified in terms of the type of attitude they are designed to change and in terms of consumers' regulatory focus (Kardes, 2005). People regulate themselves or control their behavior by focusing on information that is most relevant to their goals.