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Frederick the Wise (1463–1525)

  1. Alvin J. Schmidt

Published Online: 25 NOV 2011

DOI: 10.1002/9780470670606.wbecc0560

The Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization

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  1. Published Online: 25 NOV 2011


This pious duke, who insisted on having daily Mass, even when he was away hunting or traveling, was born in 1463 and became Elector of Saxony in the Holy Roman Empire when his father died in 1486. In 1493, he went on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, posing as a commoner to obtain special absolution. By 1520, he had reportedly amassed a collection of more than 1,700 religious relics.


  • frederick the wise (1463–1525);
  • pilgrimage to Jerusalem;
  • posing as commoner, for obtaining absolution;
  • need for reformation, in the church;
  • confessing luther's reformation teachings;
  • frederick's support, and protection for luther;
  • significant contributions to the reformation