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Lassus, Orlando (1532–1594)

  1. George Thomas Kurian

Published Online: 25 NOV 2011

DOI: 10.1002/9780470670606.wbecc0779

The Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization

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Kurian, G. T. 2011. Lassus, Orlando (1532–1594). The Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization. .

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  1. Published Online: 25 NOV 2011


Franco-Flemish composer and one of the most prolific composers of the High Renaissance. At 21 he was the mastro di cappella of the Church of St. John Lateran in Rome. In 1556 he became singer at the Bavarian court of Duke Albrecht V in Munich. He remained in Munich for the remainder of his life, making it the most famous musical center in Europe and inspiring a host of young composers (including the Gabrielis) to study with him there.


  • Franco-Flemish composer;
  • great cycle of seven penitential psalms;
  • liturgical works, lamentations of jeremiah;
  • religious madrigals, lagrime di s. pietro