15. RGB Color-Managed Workflow Example

  1. Phil Green MSc, PhD Reader member

Published Online: 11 FEB 2010

DOI: 10.1002/9780470688106.ch15

Color Management: Understanding and using ICC Profiles

Color Management: Understanding and using ICC Profiles

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  • digital camera;
  • Red, green, and blue (RGB) workflow


Red, green, and blue (RGB) source image data such as photos, illustrations, and digital art are routinely “re-purposed”. This chapter focuses on a workflow example, in which a master RGB image is color corrected and archived in RGB form. From there, it may end up in various output forms such as a billboard, a piece of art for a web site, or a newspaper advertisement. Regardless of the output medium, a single RGB file can be the source in the production of pleasing results for each medium. The chapter provides outline recommendations on implementing a late binding RGB workflow. Source profiles for workflow input devices such as scanners and digital cameras should be located, or created, as needed. In the great majority of cases, a scanner or digital camera will create RGB images in a standard output-referred color encoding, such as sRGB, Adobe RGB, or ROMM RGB.

Controlled Vocabulary Terms

cameras; image colour analysis