32. Inverting ICC Profiles

  1. Phil Green MSc, PhD Reader member

Published Online: 11 FEB 2010

DOI: 10.1002/9780470688106.ch32

Color Management: Understanding and using ICC Profiles

Color Management: Understanding and using ICC Profiles

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  • International Color Consortium (ICC) Profiles;
  • lookup table (LUT);
  • roundtrip


The International Color Consortium (ICC) specification ICC.1:2004-10 states that: “In general, the BToAxTags represent the inverse operation of the AToBxTags”. This chapter provides further clarification on this statement in situations where its intention may be unclear. In profiles where only a matrix/TRC transform is provided, the inverse is computed by the CMM. A v2 or v4 LUT-type transform is normally non-invertible, and hence the inverse transform is explicitly encoded in the profile; for example, the inverse of a lutAToBType is encoded in the lutBToAType in the same profile. By performing a roundtrip test on a set of sample colors within the effective gamut, it is possible to obtain an indication of the accuracy of inversion in a profile. This test can be carried out for all rendering intents.

Controlled Vocabulary Terms

image colour analysis; table lookup