Chapter 18. Delayed Puberty in Girls and Primary and Secondary Amenorrhea

  1. Helge Hebestreit and
  2. Oded Bar-Or
  1. Alan D. Rogol

Published Online: 16 APR 2008

DOI: 10.1002/9780470696255.ch18

The Young Athlete

The Young Athlete

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Rogol, A. D. (2007) Delayed Puberty in Girls and Primary and Secondary Amenorrhea, in The Young Athlete (eds H. Hebestreit and O. Bar-Or), Blackwell Publishing Ltd, Oxford, UK. doi: 10.1002/9780470696255.ch18

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  1. Published Online: 16 APR 2008
  2. Published Print: 12 NOV 2007

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Print ISBN: 9781405156479

Online ISBN: 9780470696255



  • delayed puberty;
  • amenorrhea;
  • gonadotropic signal;
  • radiologic studies;
  • hormones


This chapter contains section titled:

  • Normal pubertal development

  • Hormonal Control of Puberty in the Female

  • Gonadotropins

  • Primary Amenorrhea without Sexual Development

  • Management

  • Pathologic Variations in Growth and Adolescent Development

  • Primary Amenorrhea with Sexual Development

  • Malignancies and Radiation Therapy or Chemotherapy

  • Androgen Insensitivity Syndromes and other Disorders of Androgen Action

  • Secondary Amenorrhea

  • Challenges for Future Research

  • References