3. The Paediatric Hymen

  1. John Gall3 and
  2. Jason Payne-James4
  1. S. C. Boos1 and
  2. J. McCann2

Published Online: 14 MAR 2011

DOI: 10.1002/9780470973158.ch3

Current Practice in Forensic Medicine

Current Practice in Forensic Medicine

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    Royal Children's Hospital and Monash Medical Centre, Melbourne, Australia

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    London Hospital Medical College, UK

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    Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

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    University of Michigan's Medical, USA

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  1. Published Online: 14 MAR 2011
  2. Published Print: 4 FEB 2011

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Print ISBN: 9780470744871

Online ISBN: 9780470973158



  • paediatric hymen - hymenal exam as a ‘test’ for virginity;
  • hymen, virginity and marriage association, a very old one - ‘hymen’ deriving from the Greek Hymenaios;
  • some cultures today, hymen examination by appointed experts - for demonstrating virginity (and purity) of women;
  • societies, hesitant in believing or dismissing allegations of sex crimes against children - based on the child's word alone, and sexual violation remaining high;
  • sensitivity, specificity, validity and reliability - findings on prepubertal hymen;
  • limitations of a hymenal examination - guide, application of a hymenal examination, testing whether a child was sexually abused;
  • genital findings in sexually abused girls, varying - abnormal hymenal findings in prepubertal girls involved in possible sexual abuse;
  • ‘Scars’, ‘attenuation’ of posterior hymenal rim - and ‘synechia’ attachments of hymen to vaginal wall;
  • knee-chest examination technique, in adolescents - abused children, understanding significance of examination, not finding it unduly traumatic;
  • suspected victims of sexual abuse, and the need for examination - immediately after alleged event, as hymenal injuries heal fast


This chapter contains sections titled:

  • Introduction

  • Studies of normal anatomy

  • Studies of genital findings in sexually abused girls

  • Studies of acute injuries as they heal

  • A consideration of test reliability

  • Putting it all together

  • References