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Other direct-alcohol fuel cells

Fundamentals and Survey of Systems

Fuel cell principles, systems and applications

  1. C. Lamy,
  2. E. M. Belgsir

Published Online: 15 DEC 2010

DOI: 10.1002/9780470974001.f104018

Handbook of Fuel Cells

Handbook of Fuel Cells

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Lamy, C. and Belgsir, E. M. 2010. Other direct-alcohol fuel cells. Handbook of Fuel Cells. .

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  1. Université de Poitiers, France

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  1. Published Online: 15 DEC 2010


The state-of-the-art of direct combustion fuel cells using oxygenated organic compounds with more than one carbon atom as fuels is reviewed. After introducing the basic principles of a direct combustion fuel cell in a friendly environmental context, thermodynamic and kinetic data concerning the electro-oxidation of these fuels are discussed. Detailed reaction mechanisms together with the catalytic role of the electrode material are presented. Then the state-of-the-art of some direct-alcohol fuel cells, namely ethylene glycol and ethanol fuel cells, is discussed. Finally, some emphasis is put on future fuels, such as ethers and hydrated aldehydes.


  • ethanol;
  • alcohols;
  • direct combustion fuel cells;
  • electrocatalysis;
  • electrocatalysts;
  • electrode kinetics;
  • reaction mechanisms