2. 802.15.3 applications

  1. James P.K. Gilb Dr.

Published Online: 3 AUG 2011

DOI: 10.1002/9781118098868.ch2

Wireless Multimedia: A Guide to the IEEE 802.15.3™ Standard

Wireless Multimedia: A Guide to the IEEE 802.15.3™ Standard

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  1. Published Online: 3 AUG 2011
  2. Published Print: 10 JAN 2011

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Print ISBN: 9780738136684

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  • gaming applications;
  • high-quality audio applications;
  • IEEE 802.15.3;
  • multimedia applications;
  • still image applications;
  • telephone quality audio applications


IEEE 802.15.3 addresses a set of applications. In the process of developing the standard, a call for applications (CFA) is sent out to solicit responses from manufacturers and users to indicate the types of applications for which they need a solution. One of the original applications that drove the development of IEEE Std 802.15.3 was still image transfer from a digital camera to a photo kiosk. Part of the design of IEEE Std 802.15.3 was aimed at solving the audio problem. Some of the applications that would use telephone quality audio are: cordless telephones and intercoms. Some of the high-quality audio applications that are supported by 802.15.3 include: digital audio players; headphones; speakers; and wireless microphones. A low-cost, high-speed wireless network with guaranteed time allocations opens up new types of applications for gaming. Streaming multimedia and two-way multimedia applications are good applications for 802.15.3’s QoS capability.

Controlled Vocabulary Terms

audio equipment; computer games; digital images; IEEE 802.15 Standards; multimedia systems; telephone equipment