5 Audition

Experimental Psychology


  1. William A. Yost PhD, DSc

Published Online: 26 SEP 2012

DOI: 10.1002/9781118133880.hop204005

Handbook of Psychology, Second Edition

Handbook of Psychology, Second Edition

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Yost, W. A. 2012. Audition. Handbook of Psychology, Second Edition. 4:II:5.

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  1. Arizona State University, Speech and Hearing Science, Tempe, AZ

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  1. Published Online: 26 SEP 2012


Hearing is a complex sensory system involving detection, discrimination, segregation, and recognition of sound sources. This chapter briefly reviews some key aspects of sound required to understand hearing, describes crucial components of the peripheral auditory system (outer, middle, and inner ears along with the auditory nerve) and their basic function, outlines aspects of the central auditory nervous system used to process information from the auditory periphery, and delineates some of the auditory sensations and perceptions that constitute the sense of hearing.


  • vibration;
  • sound;
  • outer ear;
  • middle ear;
  • inner hair;
  • hair cells;
  • auditory nerve;
  • central auditory nervous system;
  • thresholds of hearing;
  • masking;
  • loudness;
  • pitch;
  • sound source localization;
  • sound source perception;
  • auditory scene analysis