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  1. Eric M.V. Hoek1,
  2. Volodymyr V. Tarabara2

Published Online: 27 SEP 2013

DOI: 10.1002/9781118522318.emst154

Encyclopedia of Membrane Science and Technology

Encyclopedia of Membrane Science and Technology

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Hoek, E. M. and Tarabara, V. V. 2013. Preface. Encyclopedia of Membrane Science and Technology. xvii–xviii.

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    University of California, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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    Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI, USA

Publication History

  1. Published Online: 27 SEP 2013

The origin of this Encyclopedia goes back to my time at Yale University where I first met Dr. Arza Seidel, who was a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Professor Menachem Elimelech, who was also my Ph.D. advisor. It was at Yale that Arza and I first worked together and we have stayed in touch with each other over the years. Later, as my Ph.D. studies progressed I met another Ph.D. student, Vlad Tarabara, who was studying in the laboratory of Professor Mark Wiesner at the time at Rice University (Professor Wiesner has since moved to Duke University).

A few years ago, Arza called me and asked me if I would be willing to take on the task of editing a new encyclopedia on membrane science and technology for Wiley & Sons. She was very flattering and encouraging, ensuring me that the process would not be overwhelming. I accepted and very soon after realized it was going to be overwhelming no matter how much support Arza and Wiley could provide. So, I called my friend Vlad and asked him to help. He thoughtfully agreed and we began the work together with Arza and her staff to help guide us along the process. We made a good team and I am very happy with the body of knowledge contained in this Encyclopedia.

Prof. Eric M.V. Hoek, UCLA Engineering

The encyclopedia is designed to bridge the didactic gap between research reports published in the periodic research literature and traditional textbooks and will serve as a comprehensive reference covering all major aspects of membrane science and technology at both fundamental and practical levels. In this regard, the encyclopedia aims at expanding and building on the tradition set forth by the Membrane Handbook (Editors: W. S. Winston Ho and Kamalesh K. Sirkar, Springer, 1992).

The wide coverage of the work, which is published as a three-volume set as well as a digital reference (available at, should serve graduate students and researchers in academia, as well as practitioners in related industries. The state-of-the-art reviews on engineering applications of membranes can be of interest to the nonspecialist reader. Finally, it is our hope that the encyclopedia would benefit a large community of undergraduate students in science and engineering by providing a broad and accessible overview of the fascinating world of synthetic membranes.

1 Acknowledgments

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We acknowledge with gratitude Wiley's Executive Editor, Dr. Arza Seidel, and Development Editor, Dr. Mihai Peterca, for their stewardship of the project and ready advice on the broadest range of issues from exigent needs to strategic planning. Special thanks goes to members of the Editorial and Advisory Boards for early encouragement as well as their help with conceptualizing the encyclopedia and seeing the project through. Most importantly, we wish to thank the authors and reviewers who dedicated their time and expertise in preparing the encyclopedia articles.

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  • Eric M.V. Hoek

  • University of California

  • Los Angeles, CA

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  • Volodymyr V. Tarabara

  • Michigan State University

  • East Lansing, MI

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