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Biber, Douglas

  1. Dwight Atkinson

Published Online: 5 NOV 2012

DOI: 10.1002/9781405198431.wbeal0088

The Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics

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  1. Published Online: 5 NOV 2012


Douglas Biber is a linguist who has spearheaded the computerized analysis of large, systematically constructed text corpora, yielding new and more sophisticated ways of understanding language and its use. His multidimensional approach to analyzing discourse, which examines co-occurrence patterns of large numbers of linguistic features across a broad range of spoken and written texts, has been highly influential in applied linguistics, sociolinguistics, and English linguistics. Biber also led the intensive, multiyear effort to produce The Longman Grammar of Spoken and Written English (Biber, Johansson, Leech, Conrad, & Finegan, 1999), a major academic grammar of English based on corpus findings. He has been active in developing pedagogical applications of corpus-analytic results as well.


  • sociolinguistics;
  • corpus;
  • grammar;
  • language for academic purposes