Chapter 7. Facing Death Together: Camus's The Plague

  1. Garry L. Hagberg Chair
  1. Robert C. Solomon

Published Online: 23 FEB 2009

DOI: 10.1002/9781444302813.ch7

Art and Ethical Criticism

Art and Ethical Criticism

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  1. Quincy Lee Centennial Professor of Philosophy and Business, University of Texas, Austin, USA

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  1. Published Online: 23 FEB 2009
  2. Published Print: 20 JUN 2008

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  1. New Directions in Aesthetics

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Print ISBN: 9781405134835

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  • facing death together - Camus's the plague;
  • facing death;
  • individuals and shared destinies;
  • rats! a note on plague;
  • “The Black Death” in England;
  • Camus in his novels The Stranger and The Fall;
  • The Plague as Horror;
  • facing death together and being-with-others;
  • supposedly heroic struggle to “keep the Absurd alive” - Camus's philosophy


This chapter contains sections titled:

  • Facing Death

  • Individuals and Shared Destinies

  • Rats! A Note on Plague

  • The Plague as Horror

  • Facing Death Together: Being-with-Others