Chapter 9. Court Society and Aristocracy

  1. John Haldon Professor
  1. Paul Magdalino Professor

Published Online: 12 MAR 2009

DOI: 10.1002/9781444305906.ch9

The Social History of Byzantium

The Social History of Byzantium

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  2. Published Print: 28 NOV 2008

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  • court society and aristocracy;
  • imperial court - terms for court (Greek aulê – Latin aula) and palace (palation) were largely interchangeable;
  • emperor and his nuclear family, their household staff, the palace guards, and certain people who were kept in the palace more or less under duress;
  • Christmas dinner list of 899 - most generous estimate of court society appearing in Byzantine sources;
  • Attaleiates' social self-presentation - basic to understanding relationship between court and aristocracy in Byzantium;
  • court aristocracy, court and aristocracy;
  • eunuchs as domestic servants - featured large in Acheminid, Parthian, and Sassanian monarchies of Persia;
  • rank, title, and office;
  • family, kinship, and lineage;
  • wealth, income, and land


This chapter contains sections titled:

  • Court Aristocracy, Court and Aristocracy

  • Rank, Title, and Office

  • Wealth, Income, and Land

  • Family, Kinship, and Lineage

  • Bibliography