Chapter Three. Caesar as a Politician

  1. Miriam Griffin Emeritus Fellow
  1. Erich S. Gruen

Published Online: 5 MAY 2009

DOI: 10.1002/9781444308440.ch3

A Companion to Julius Caesar

A Companion to Julius Caesar

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  1. Published Online: 5 MAY 2009
  2. Published Print: 10 APR 2009

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  • Caesar as a politician;
  • 63 BC, Julius Caesar - achieving astounding political victory;
  • Personal charisma - doubtless playing a role in Caesar's swift emergence to fame;
  • Caesar following no formulaic line - that would place him consistently in one political camp or another;
  • Caesar's contacts reaching across political lines - his successes defying partisan identification;
  • Caesar knew where real power lay - his association with Rome's most formidable figure, Pompeius Magnus;
  • Caesar's rise to eminence - involving more than just alliances and alignments;
  • Caesar's urging that tribunician powers be restored - falling into that category;
  • Caesar's remarkable ascension to position of Pontifex Maximus;
  • Caesar operating - within traditional modes of political behavior


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