5. Fire and the Conservation of Tropical Birds

  1. Navjot S. Sodhi1,
  2. Çağan H. Şekercioğlu2,
  3. Jos Barlow3 and
  4. Scott K. Robinson4

Published Online: 23 MAR 2011

DOI: 10.1002/9781444342611.ch5

Conservation of Tropical Birds

Conservation of Tropical Birds

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Sodhi, N. S., Şekercioğlu, Ç. H., Barlow, J. and Robinson, S. K. (2011) Fire and the Conservation of Tropical Birds, in Conservation of Tropical Birds, Wiley-Blackwell, Oxford, UK. doi: 10.1002/9781444342611.ch5

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  1. 1

    National University of Singapore

  2. 2

    Stanford University, USA

  3. 3

    Lancaster University, UK

  4. 4

    University of Florida, UK

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  1. Published Online: 23 MAR 2011
  2. Published Print: 8 APR 2011

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Print ISBN: 9781444334821

Online ISBN: 9781444342611



  • fire and conservation of tropical birds - consequences of fires for bird conservation, context specific, multitude of complex factors and variability in life history strategies;
  • fire regimes, intact within - their range of natural variability;
  • fire, as an evolutionary and ecological force - in tropical biomes, shifts in fire-regimes impacting present-day conservation of tropical birds;
  • critically endangered bird species - threatened by changes in fire regime;
  • altered fire regimes in fire-dependent ecosystems - those “where fire is essential, and species have evolved adaptations to respond positively to fire”;
  • fires, determinant of bird community structure - in savanna systems;
  • South African savannas, picture of change - high proportion of grassland species, locally extinct over time;
  • ecological parallels between fire and herbivory - consuming plant material, strong influence on vegetation composition and structure;
  • humid forests, widespread fire-sensitive ecosystem - in the tropics;
  • three contrasting responses to fire - exhibited by most abundant arboreal-gleaning insectivorous species, captured in forest understorey, in the Central Brazilian Amazon


This chapter contains sections titled:

  • Introduction

  • Direct effects of fire

  • Indirect effects of fire and altered fire regimes

  • Altered fire regimes in fire-dependent ecosystems

  • Altered fire regimes in fire-sensitive ecosystems

  • Interaction between fires and other threats to tropical birds

  • Managing fire for bird conservation

  • Birds and post-fire regeneration

  • Conclusion