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Marriage migration

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  1. Hye-Kyung Lee

Published Online: 4 FEB 2013

DOI: 10.1002/9781444351071.wbeghm353

The Encyclopedia of Global Human Migration

The Encyclopedia of Global Human Migration

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Lee, H.-K. 2013. Marriage migration. The Encyclopedia of Global Human Migration. .

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  1. Published Online: 4 FEB 2013


The term “marriage migration” falls within the broad category of international family migration, under the subgroup of family-formation migration. This essay briefly overviews how terminology and perspectives on marriage migration have changed in the world over time, and then reviews the current driving forces and patterns of marriage migration with a particular focus on the Asian experience. The acceleration of the process of globalization in the 21st century has led to a marked increase in the incidence of marriage migration; however, marriage migration was previously neglected in academic and policy research on international migration, largely due to the field's emphasis on either individual-based or economic-based labor migration. More recently, as the feminization of migration has become more apparent and the incidences of family-formation migration have increased, marriage migration has become the subject of considerable scholarly research and of pressing concern to policymakers across the world.


  • gender;
  • women;
  • empire;
  • imperialism;
  • transnationalism